Big Bucket

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Today, we went to see CJ and travel to his local pool. They have a terrific kid’s pool in Golden. The whole thing is full of kid’s activities like you would expect at an amusement park. Time for swimming… Time to play in the big sandbox. My job is to bury Syd’s feet and keep asking her where they went. … Read More


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On Sunday, Mama wanted to get out of the house alone for some reason. So, Nana let me go play with some of my neighborhood friends. We caught bugs and just ran around in the open space. I love hanging out with the big kids. Here is Olivia, Brianna (who I call banana), Julia (holding me), my best friend Krista, … Read More

A Day at the Zoo

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Today I took Nana, Papa, and Mimi to the Denver Zoo. Boy was I excited to see all the animals. We came prepared with the monster stroller but Syd spent little time in it until the end of the day. As always the tigers were a big hit. I kept an eye out for Swiper the fox. I know he … Read More

Nana’s Birthday

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Nana’s birthday is this week. All she wanted for her gift was to come out here and visit me and Reagan. What a great gift. And as an awesome gift to Sydney, they brought along Mimi. Boy did I keep them all busy. Nana first had to get her annual photo in front of Mama’s flower bed. We couldn’t get … Read More