Hi Boots

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Ok, I think this picture needs a little info. Daddy didn’t add it so Mama will tell you the scoop. Two weekends ago we took Syd to see her idol perform live on stage. Mama out did herself with the tickets on this one. We were about four rows back from the stage. Syd had no clue what was going on. We kept telling her we were going to go see Dora and she would look at us like we were crazy. But, then the lights dimmed, the curtains went away and there was Boots the Monkey, center stage doing the splits on his head. Then came Dora, Isa the Iguana, Benny the Bull, Tico the Squirrel, Swiper the Fox, Diego and baby jaguar. She didn’t know what the heck to think of all this. She just stared in confusion and then all of a sudden lit up. “Oh, its Doh, its Doh.” We couldn’t get her to say a word to us during the show. She was in a trance as she watched her idol sing and dance in front of her very eyes. Needless, to say it was a hit. I think Mama and Daddy liked watching the look on her face almost as much as she liked the show.

2005-07-17 -- Hi Boots