My Feet

By BrandonA Day in the Life10 Comments

The girls had some photos taken last month to celebrate Sydney’s 2nd birthday and Reagan’s first month. For you old schoolers, we mailed out some of the hard copies of the pictures the other day. Should be receiving them today. However, we didn’t get prints of all the shots but we do have digitals of them. So I will leak … Read More

Wash The Guys

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Sydney has a slight fascination with water. She likes to wash her hands at the sink. Mom got her a Dora stool to stand on. Now, the new thing today was to create a “tub” to wash her “guys”. Guys is the random word used to identify sets of things she carries around that day — stickers, figurines, jelly stars, … Read More

Gymnastics Is Over

By BrandonMilestones2 Comments

Today was the last day of Sydney’s first year of gymnastics. She started class last September with Mom. When Mom found out she was pregnant with Reagan, she asked me to take over so she wouldn’t have morning sickness during class. The first few class were painful — herding cats comes to mind. Then as I started learning how to … Read More