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Sydney has been changing so fast these last few weeks. Her vocabulary is growing like crazy. This kid is a sponge, picking up everything she can. She now knows most of the colors, and loves telling you what color everything is ALL DAY. She can count to 10, but skips 4 & 7. “Let’s count the guys” is a constant phrase out of her mouth. She now has the Grandma’s names down pat. Nana equals G. Fuller. Grammy equals G. Coburn. Ye-Ye equals G. Hakes…yep she is still the lady. Guess that’s what you get for being the first Grandma to visit. We will have to work on a new name for her. Her play is also changing. She is into pretend play most of the time now. Pretend tea parties, pretend baby care for her dolls, dress-up, sweeping her playhouse, pretend breastfeeding her babies, etc. Yep, breastfeeding her dolls! She calls it Ne-Ne’s milk, as opposed to Mama’s milk for Reagan.

Unfortunately, she is also getting very stubborn at moments. Syd has been hitting poor Reagan on the noggin when she is getting too much attention from Mama. So hard that it takes Mama 3-4 minutes to stop Rea’s crying. Daddy has taken on the disciplinarian role so most of the time she will not speak to her Daddy. Spanking does not work. We hit Syd for hitting Reagan, and then yell at her to not to hit people. So we just get yelled at for hitting as well. Makes sense unfortunately. Now its straight to bed for hitting. This seems to be her ultimate punishment so a threat of going to bed seems to be doing the trick at the moment.

The new thing to do seems to be hidding food in your cheeks like a chipmunk. She can store food in her cheeks for an easy hour after dinner. She is very sly with this as well. She speaks very clearly and plays like normal, all the while with her winter storage hidden from Mom and Dad. We only notice it when she finally starts choking on the food. Usually because she is crying about something. Then getting her to spit out the food is a huge fight in itself. She is storing it there for some reason and not willing to give it up. See the pics yourself. In this case, she is storing some cherries. These were held through bathtime and teeth brushing. Daddy finally got them out when she started choking from crying because she did not want to put her diaper on.