Wash The Guys

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

Sydney has a slight fascination with water. She likes to wash her hands at the sink. Mom got her a Dora stool to stand on.

Now, the new thing today was to create a “tub” to wash her “guys”. Guys is the random word used to identify sets of things she carries around that day — stickers, figurines, jelly stars, etc.

So today, Sydney decided to wash the guys in the tub. She is still in there right now washing them while I try and type this up.

Later, she started using her “hit” to scoop them up to dry them off before washing them again. What’s the hit? That lacrosse stick thing. She got it in a Happy Meal thing. However, it got its name because Mom had to keep yelling at Sydney, “No hit!”. This was when Sydney was running around hitting Mom, dogs, cats, etc. with the hit — very hard!