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I was feeding Reagan today when I started hearing really loud crashing sounds. I followed the bangs and found Syd rearranging the rocks in my coffee table centerpice. I have to say they do look aligned very professionally. The banging was the sound of her then throwing them back into the ceramic plate or onto the glass tabletop. Oh well, … Read More

Wus Up, Punk!

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We got Syd this new outfit at the Nike outlet. Here we are trying to get her to do her best little miss bad ass pose. But, she said she would rather be a good punk kid.

Lunch Date

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Krista, or “the kid” as Sydney calls her, came over to play today. It was a fun packed morning of play in the basement, bedroom, a little cartoon watching and even a luncheon. Sydney had an absolute blast and bawled when the kid went home. Syd is a little show off in front of kids now. She even has her … Read More

Time to Feed the Baby

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I know many of you didn’t believe it so here is a photo. Baby Baa was hungry so time for NeNe to feed the baby. Notice the towell in her hand. After the baby is done eating she yells, “Oh no, my milk splashed”, and wipes herself down. It is always quite the crisis to spill the milk.