Busy Day

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Today was a very busy day for Sydney. First, Sydney showed her little sister how to play the piano. She was a very gentle and good teacher to Reagan.


Next, Mommy setup the sand and water table for Sydney. At first Syd was afraid to play in the water too much. She didn’t want to get wet. But, after about 2 minutes she was all into the table. The water is now full of sand and the sand is now soaking wet. Its cool to shovel water into the sand and the scoop up sand with the blue shell and dump it into the water. Best part is to wash your hands in the water when dirty. Very cool. And you get to wear cool hats.


Next Mommy put baby Reagan in the stroller for a walk. Sydney had her own baby in a stroller to walk as well, Cookie Monster. Cookie is becoming a favorite around here these days.


After all that work Syd was thirsty. Mommy gave Syd her first juice pouch ever to quench the thirst. Sshh!! Don’t tell Daddy. He thinks Syd is too messy to have a juice pouch in the house. But, I will be happy to tell you not a drop was spilled. Syd is a big girl now don’t you know.


Wow, that was a big day!