Ribbit Ribbit

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Sydney got a few gifts in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Coburn. Creepy crawly things like snakes and frogs — this girl’s favorite things! If you happen to see Sydney, ask her to do her frog impresssion for you!

Welcome to Ne Ne’s House

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Sydney got her birthday present today. They guys showed up this morning to assemble it. It took them a few hours. Had to dig up part of the yard. Lots of power tools sounds. Sydney got curious and got up to take a look by herself. At this point, she realizes what is going on and its like magic: Mama, … Read More

Mad At Dad

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Another date night at Red Robin — they have balloons. Mom seems to want us out of the house more and more lately. So Sydney was mad at me most of the dinner. When you talk to her, she makes this pouty face and then turns her head away from you. Finally, the ice breaker — some kid lost a … Read More