Welcome to Ne Ne’s House

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

Sydney got her birthday present today. They guys showed up this morning to assemble it. It took them a few hours. Had to dig up part of the yard. Lots of power tools sounds. Sydney got curious and got up to take a look by herself.


At this point, she realizes what is going on and its like magic: Mama, Dada, its a wee. Its a slide. She was amazed that such wonderful things were being built in her yard. Its like Ne Ne’s own playground. Wow! Time to play.


Mom did Sydney up on this deal. Its got a swing, a glider, a rock wall, a ladder, a gang plank, a slide, monkey bars, and 2 clubhouses. What more could you want? Under the slide there is the enclosed clubhouse. There is a door around to the left. This clubhouse is known as Ne Ne’s House. That’s what she says. And the dogs — well, they have to go in there constantly under Ne Ne’s demands. Sometimes she shuts the door on them and leaves them locked inside. The dogs are becoming her slaves.


Now you see why we needed a gang plank! Dakota and Wyatt needed a ramp to get up in the clubhouse. After we showed them how to do it, they spent the rest of the night hanging out up there. They can see farther out into the fields around us from up there so its like the dogs are in some tower in their castle on the lookout!

When it was time to come inside tonight, Ne Ne cried like crazy — More wee! Tomorrow is another day. She will be excited when she sees the monster playset is still there.