My Awesome New Room

By KimA Day in the Life5 Comments

We have already announced the fact that Syd is now sleeping in her own big girl bed. But, we haven’t posted the pictures of the finished room. Here you go. After a lot of work Syd’s room is done and she loves it. She never even comes out in the morning until we yell at her to come eat.

Here is a picture of Sydney in her bed. We have a rail in the middle with two entrances onto the bed. It is cool to hold onto each side of the entrance and swing off onto the floor. Mommy tells her it is not safe to jump off the bed from personal experience but she doesn’t care. She is a stunt professional.


Here Syd is playing in her tent. We have designated this as the dollhouse play area although she also loves to chase the cats and dogs through the tent.


Sydney has her very own cat perch in her window. The cats are always waiting in line for their turn in the window seat.


Here is a good example of the room theme. We have a picket fence around the entire room filled in with various flowers, bugs and other critters. Here is Syd’s Meow and bunny.


Here is another wall. This one is home to her one of her two favorite animals the “fro” or frog as we call it.


She even has her very own mural of her buds Coco and Wy.


Here are her bookshelves filled with the only crap allowed in the bedroom. She gets her books out to read and puts them right back up where they belong. She is making an attempt to keep it half way clean though there are other things we can’t seem to keep off the floor.


Here we are modling our beads which are kept in one of the bins on the shelves for easy access. Isn’t she pretty!


Here is the wall above her bed. She calls the letters above her bed See see. I don’t think she gets that it is her name. She calls herself Ne Ne and these letter are for Sydney. Who’s that?


Here is the pile of stuffies at the end of her bed. Sydney knows every animal that is supposed to be on the bed and if one is missing there is a complete search before we can soundly go Ni Ni, (Night Night). Notice the Snake above her bed. This is the second of her two favorite animals. We LOVE frogs and snakes, I think she has a little bit of Uncle Ben running through her veins.


Best of all, Syd has her very own fish tank on her dresser. It is complete with three african water frogs, four fancy tail guppies and two dalmation platys. We don’t really care about the fish at this point, its all about the frogs. These frogs live in water 100% of the time and only go up for air a couple of times an hour. They swim around and kinda just float in the middle of the tank in a suspension like matter. Syd likes to knock the tank to get them to move, they don’t like that too much.


That is the complete room tour but we didn’t stop there. We had to spiff up her bathroom as well. Here is a small example of what was done in there. We have dogs, cats, pawprints and bones that match the shower curtain in various places throughout the room. Very cute.


Hope you enjoyed the photos. I know Syd will love giving you all the grand tour when you come to visit her this month. Oh, and maybe she will introduce you to the new Be Be due in NINE DAYS, if she has time.