Update Poop

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

Last night Mommy and Sydney were having a blast playing in her room. Then out of the blue Sydney grabbed her crotch and said, “Poo poo Momma.” I said, “Do you have to go Poo poo?” She said Ok and ran to her toilet. She very quickly put her Dora toilet seat on the toilet and I pulled off her pants. I put her up on the throne and voila she pooped in the toilet. Wow, we screamed and clapped and made a big to do about the poopy in the toilet. She even got to wipe her own butt, a big deal for her. Daddy got home from the neighbors house just as we were celebrating and got a first hand look at the poop. She has pooped in the toilet once before, but we think it was just good timing as we just put her up there just for the heck of it. This was the first poop on the toilet where Syd actually made the call to go on her own. Daddy wanted to post a picture of this first poop on the blog, but I decided to spare you all this photo.