Play Date

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CJ stopped by today to drop off a few early birthday gifts for Sydney. What a guy. CJ’s attention span for his lady soon reached its end when he saw that Sydney had some cars and trucks. The boy loves things with wheels. Oh, and the other thing he loves — things on the celing like fans. We have a … Read More

Lunch On The Go

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I ran Sydney to her Friday morning school thing today. When I returned to pick her up, they said she slept for about an hour of it. She is as tired as the rest of us I guess. Anyway, she didn’t get to eat her lunch at school. So when she got home we opened up the lunchbox and she … Read More

Bye Bye Ye Ye

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Time for Ye Ye to go bye bye. Is it scary that I am starting to talk like my kid? It is this secret kinda language thing I guess. Ye Ye picked up a few nice presents for Ne Ne while in town. One was this pink feather boa. I am not sure if Ye Ye wants Ne Ne to … Read More

Webcam Update

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Ok, Syd’s webcam is now back up and running. Mom decided that since Syd was turning 2 years old, it was time that she not have the camera in her room anymore. Although, it was a nice mechanism to allow us to see if she was really napping or just playing. Oh well. So the alternative location is the new … Read More

Bath Time With Ye Ye

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To help out a tired Mom and Dad, Ye Ye has been giving Ne Ne her bath. You almost need an instruction manual to give Syd a bath because we have to go through a whole set of games in the tub. Sydney has to go through each letter of the alphabet and say what it is. Then you have … Read More