Big Bed

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She did it! We waited a few days to be sure it was not a fluke, but we are proud to announce that Sydney is in her own bed now. I had put her in bed with her 1,000 stuffed animals and her light and her music box and said good night. 10 minutes later she was standing in our … Read More

You’re In Trouble

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At gymnastics class, they have a big foam pit that you can play in. Well today, like each week, I put Sydney in it. Usually I kinda let her jump into it but this week I swung her out into the middle of the pit. Her feet started coming up higher and she ended up landing on her back mostly … Read More


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Sorry that we haven’t been giving you your fix lately. Mom fell down and that put us all in a pinch for a few days. Here are some random photos that you can develop your own witty captions for.

Wa Wa Daw

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Since some of you might see Sydney in the next few months, I thought we should start Sydney language class. So what does the title of this post mean? This is a quiz. Sydney says this about 100 times a day.