Easter Presents

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Sydney got her first Easter delivery last night from Grandma and Grandpa Fuller. She was so excited to have something to unwrap. Though she did get very aggravated because she could not tear the foil paper, but we got over it. Thanks Papa and Grandma!

The New Baby Has Arrived!

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The big arrival we have been highly anticipating at our house has finally come. Dora’s Momma had a baby!!! Syd has been anxiously awaiting the new baby for several weeks now and is so excited that her idol, Dora, is now a big sister. We watch this episode at least twice a day now to see the Be-Be. I think … Read More

It Begins

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I felt sorry for Sydney today. She just got back from her first day of school! She has about 20 years of it to go. I remember my last day of school and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Sydney’s journey has just begun. So as Kim reported, she enrolled Sydney in a one day a week program. She … Read More

Nap Time

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Daddy decided today that we should try to make Sydney take her nap in her new big girl bed instead of the crib. So, we put her in her room. We heard her playing for a good 30 minutes and then all was quite. Yes, naptime in her big bed works as well. So, Mommy took a nap and about … Read More

Caught in the Act

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Momma was on the phone ordering more basement crap when I walked in on this serious nude dancing show. Hmmm, something is definitely going on here because Syd is way too happy and definitely trying to hide something. And wait, she did have pajamas on a few minutes ago. So, I take a walk around the house looking for the … Read More