Caught in the Act

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Momma was on the phone ordering more basement crap when I walked in on this serious nude dancing show. Hmmm, something is definitely going on here because Syd is way too happy and definitely trying to hide something. And wait, she did have pajamas on a few minutes ago. So, I take a walk around the house looking for the evidence. There it was, Syd had decided her tiger chair needed to be colored red as well as the glass coffee table, rug, slate floor, and her pajamas. She had apparently taken off her pj’s to hide the evidence. Then when I asked her about tiger chair she yelled “Oh, no…Ouchie Nose,” as if she didn’t know how that got there. She is quite the little con artist, too bad she was caught in her celebration dance.

Anyway, here are a couple rules we have estalished for just this occasion.

#1 – Only buy washable crayons/markers

#2 – Make kid clean up her own mess (hence the second picture)