Big Bed

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

She did it! We waited a few days to be sure it was not a fluke, but we are proud to announce that Sydney is in her own bed now. I had put her in bed with her 1,000 stuffed animals and her light and her music box and said good night. 10 minutes later she was standing in our room. She reached up to me and said “hot dog” and handed me a (play food) hot dog on a plate with a fork. Her play kitchen is in her room until the basement is complete. I said thanks and she left. Kim and I kept listening for her but we were watching a TV show and kinda forgot about her. About 40 minutes later, we asked “is she asleep”? We tip toed in there and to our amazement — she was! All covered up clutching Ta Ta.

We were also afraid that she might get up eariler. Not so far. Today she woke up at 10 AM! So the bed is working out nicely. We are a little ahead of schedule but that is OK with us. Now I can start worrying about the time when she comes into our room in the middle of the night and I punch her in the head because I think she is a robber.

Here is Sydney about 2 minutes after she woke up this morning.