You’re In Trouble

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

At gymnastics class, they have a big foam pit that you can play in. Well today, like each week, I put Sydney in it. Usually I kinda let her jump into it but this week I swung her out into the middle of the pit. Her feet started coming up higher and she ended up landing on her back mostly which caused her to bounce and land head first in the blocks. Now, normally this would be funny but while I was watching it happen, I was saying to myself “oops”.

So there she was with only her feet sticking out of the foam blocks. No head to be seen — but you could hear of course. Wa wa. So I jumped in and got her upright and boy did I get an earful. No, no, Da Da. Over and over. She climbed out of the pit and ran to her teacher and held her like she holds her Mommy when something bad happens.

So there I sat in the foam pit — the bad Daddy. But I figure Tiger Wood’s Dad made that kid cry a few times also look how he ended up — at least that is what I will tell the child protection agency people.