My Two’s

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Sydney has become obsessed with learning her numbers. We have started counting with her and she does fairly well. Though the sequence usually goes…4,5,2,9…close enough. So, we bought her a set of those squishy bathtub numbers that stick to the tub to help her learn. They were very rapidly eaten into many pieces so I moved on to the hard magnet numbers. And the number obsession has now gone crazy. She totes them around in her Vera Bradley purse, as all girls should do of course. We must take this purse everywhere we go or there are huge tantrums. She starts screaming, “My Two’s”, which is what she calls her numbers. All day we take the numbers out of the purse, say what it is, line them up, and then put them back into the purse. So, I think she is getting the Accounting gene from her Mom and the anal retentive gene from Dad. Everything must be in its place.