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While out driving on a frozen lake today, all I heard from the backseat was “Whoa, Da-Da. Whoa!”.


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I spent most of the weekend wiring the basement. After being down there for hours by myself, it was nice to get some visitors. Until those visitors decided that they wanted to help. As a normal handyman, Sydney shows her crack off. To keep Sydney out of the way, we locked her in the dungeon. Maybe I should let her … Read More

Playdoh Creatures

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Today, Mom broke out a new toy for us to work on together. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. You get cans of this squishy stuff that you can rip, tear, pound, and make all sorts of shapes. Even cooler yet, this stuff came with all sort of animals body parts. So, you can take a blob … Read More

My Two’s

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Sydney has become obsessed with learning her numbers. We have started counting with her and she does fairly well. Though the sequence usually goes…4,5,2,9…close enough. So, we bought her a set of those squishy bathtub numbers that stick to the tub to help her learn. They were very rapidly eaten into many pieces so I moved on to the hard … Read More