Mango Madness

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Kim took Sydney to the park today while I went to work. It was pretty normal until this grandmother and child came up where Sydney was playing. The grandmother was Chinese and didn’t speak any English. She and Kim exchanged nods. Then the grandma started feeding her child some mango from a spoon. Sydney watched. Then the grandma decided that Sydney should have some mango too! So she started following Sydney around with a spoon full of mango. Sydney didn’t want any. But the grandma insisted. She kept following Sydney around while Sydney tried to escape. She is in the distance in this picture. If you see her, run away!


Wave to the camera.


Smile! Seems like she thinks she is a model.


Looks fun, right? Well, Mom forgot to put pants on Sydney so when she went down the slide it caused some friction burns. Sydney would slide down and then yell at the slide — No slide!