Welcome to the Jungle

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Today we met our friends, the Toombs family, at The Jungle in San Jose. This is sort of like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids. The entire place is one big play structure inside. And since it was Sunday, it was packed!


As always, I entered the maze with Sydney to guide her through.


Tunnels everywhere! Slides everywhere! Kids everywhere!


And of course…they had germ…I mean ball…pits. Sydney didn’t like them at first but after about an hour she warmed up to it. Jump! And Sydney would jump off the ledge and jump in.


I had take pictures of Rachel, our host, but they were all blurry because she was always moving so fast. Too much fun!

The Dads did cop out and go race during the middle of the Jungle adventure. But we came back to some tired kids and probably more tired wives.