How to Scare Your Mommy to Tears

By SydneyA Day in the Life4 Comments

Mommy and Daddy have decided to start eating at home much more often then the maybe one night a week we did before. I have become one of those nightmare children at restaurants who throws tantrums and will not stay in their highchair. Hence, the restaurant boycott.

So, last night Mommy was baking a chicken and wine dish and I as always was supervising her work. The chicken was done so Mommy took the dish out of the oven and was carrying it over to the stovetop. I was walking right in front of her being the helper I am and then suddenly we heard a huge POP sound, so I ducked down. The next thing you know I was being showered with hot wine sauce and tiny shatters of glass. Mommy screamed really loud, picked me up and gave me a full body search, and even had a few tears in her eyes I think. She was really freaking out over me. I don’t know what the big deal was, I ducked so I well protected. Mommy had a few mild burns on her hands and was sprayed in the eye with the hot wine, but no lasting ouchies.

Daddy heard the commotion and came running into the kitchen. The baking dish Mommy was using was about 10 years old and very well used. Her very first set she had bought while in college. I guess it had had enough and just completely shattered in her hands as soon as it came out of the hot oven. She did not know this could happen. Needless to say, Mommy is throwing out all her old baking pans today and buying all brand new with her Christmas money. So we are going shopping this week. At least something good came out of all this.

Oh, and it took Daddy close to an hour to clean up all the juice and tiny shards of glass. We decided to eat the salads Mommy already made and a grilled cheese to be quick. A few bites into the salad and Daddy was spitting out glass. He is convinced Mommy was trying to kill him. We are still finding glass all over, from the kitchen table to the couch, all tiny shards. There were no pieces bigger then a dime left of the dish, complete shatters.