Santa Visits

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We heard sirens outside our house. Uh oh. When we went outside, we found Santa walking down the street in front of several fire trucks that had all their lights on. Seems that the fire department was escorting Santa around our neighborhood to say hi to the kids. Sydney thought this was pretty cool but expected that Santa would come … Read More

Merry Christmas

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Wow, I love Christmas!!! This year Christmas was really fun with Sydney. She had it all figured out this year. Be a good girl and this guy Santa will bring you lots of presents. We made several visits to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap and give him lots of hugs. She told everyone who would listen that Santa … Read More

Little Swimmer

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As a wrap-up from our trip, I have put together a video to showing Sydney’s swimming skills. We were very impressed because going into this trip, we haven’t had much luck getting her to swim. Liitle Swimmer in Puero Vallarta from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.