Home Sweet Home

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

We made it back home safely. Everyone is taking a nap…except for Dad who has to work today. Thanks to all for the hospitality, lodging, food, and the gifts! For the record, we arrived home to 50 degrees and no snow. Always can count on Indiana for interesting weather when we visit.

Oh, on the plane ride home, Sydney slept about half way. Then she got down on the floor between Mom’s legs. Mom was tired so she just let her play there for a bit. After a few minutes, Sydney came up and stuck her hand up to show us her fingers. She had cookie dough on them and she wasn’t happy about it. Where did that come from? Must be under the seat. Yucky. So we picked her up and wiped her hand off and then she magically pulled more cookie dough from her pants. Wait — that doesn’t smell like cookie dough. Ewww. Have a nice day.