Christmas Eve

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Sydney really got the hang of opening all these presents! She tore the paper off pretty well all by herself.


The early hit of the present haul is the Ta-Ta doll. Ta-Ta is cool but having him with you all the time is so much better!


Cousin Christian and Sydney learned a new dance that they would do on command together.


Sydney passed out on top of me after opening all her presents.


Sydney was afraid of Uncle Ben at first but later learned that he is pretty cool. Ben has a way with the ladies.


Sydney and Christian enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner together. Pay no attention to Christian’s missing pants.


Time for dress up. Sydney likes being a princess!


3 homes and a car full of gifts later, we are done with day 1 of Christmas. We took tons of pictures so I can’t share them all. We have to go to bed now — Ta-Ta will be here any minute!