Final Christmas Pictures

By KimA Day in the Life5 Comments

Well, its about time to pack up the Christmas stuff once again so I am finally getting around to taking those final Christmas pics. Here is Syd in front of Mommys’ Christmas tree. To our surprise, Syd never tried to tear down any ornaments. Sydney also had her very own Christmas tree this year complete with fiberoptic lights. The decor … Read More

Let’s Play House

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

All little girls love to play house. So Syd got her very own dollhouse for Christmas. The house has been filled with all the neccesities courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Coburn. So far she loves to put Mommy and Daddy on the pee pee and give them a bath in the little tub. She also loves to put the baby … Read More

Home Sweet Home

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

We made it back home safely. Everyone is taking a nap…except for Dad who has to work today. Thanks to all for the hospitality, lodging, food, and the gifts! For the record, we arrived home to 50 degrees and no snow. Always can count on Indiana for interesting weather when we visit. Oh, on the plane ride home, Sydney slept … Read More

Last Stop

By BrandonVisits5 Comments

Last holiday stop: Indianapolis. We camped out at Aunt Natalee’s house for the night. Natalee and Dohn took turns trying to entertain Sydney but I think she mainly entertained them. Gotta wake up at 3:30 AM to fly home!

Popcorn Party

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Just finished our last holiday party. Sydney and Christian ran around like crazy the whole time. Aunt Laura settled them down by making some popcorn together.