Introducing Ms. Sandy Bottoms

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Our ritual: wake up, eat breakfast by the ocean, play in the pool, play at the beach, take a nap, eat dinner, do over. Very simple. Mom bought Sydney a bucket and shovel because we could not fit our sand toys in our suitcase. 24 pesos…what a deal! Sydney likes sitting in the pool with Mom. If Dad comes nearby, … Read More

What Goes On In Mexico…

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Sydney slept in until about 9 AM and then popped up out of her crib…Mama? I think she likes sleeping in the same room with us. We opened the curtains and revealed the balcony to Sydney. She spent the next hour yelling at people 3 floors below. Oh, and dropping stuff through the rails. We quickly put all our valuables … Read More

Hit The Beach

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After a day of travel, the girls had to hit the beach before dark. Sydney was perfect during the flight. She slept most of the flight. See you in the morning, Cabo!