Cabana Baby

By BrandonAdventures4 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving, Amigos! Just another day at the beach here in Cabo. Mom keeps shopping — at the beach. Locals come up to you every minute to sell you something when you are on the public beach. For you Indiana ladies, I think you would really enjoy it…it is like the mall has come to you and everything is a bargin! Sydney loves purses so we had to get a Mexican purse.


The hotel has 4 characters called The Meliamigos that pop out every day and mess with the kids and adults around the pool. Sydney is warming up to them more and more each day.


Today was the first day that Sydney really wanted in the pool — excuse me, the “pa”. We kept throwing all her Dora figurines into the pool and she would go around and gather them up into the bucket.


Near the end of our day, we got into a cabana and relaxed — well, not really. Sydney thought this was an excellent chance to show off her mad trampoline skills and make Dad swing her around and do flips on this bed by the beach. An hour later we were wore out after trying to chill in the cabana.


Going to a big Thanksgiving dinner here at the hotel tonight. So we give thanks that we will be eating our turkey in our bathing suits this year. Oh and for you all — thanks for checking in on Sydney! Happy Thanksgiving!