Introducing Ms. Sandy Bottoms

By BrandonAdventures3 Comments

Our ritual: wake up, eat breakfast by the ocean, play in the pool, play at the beach, take a nap, eat dinner, do over. Very simple. Mom bought Sydney a bucket and shovel because we could not fit our sand toys in our suitcase. 24 pesos…what a deal!


Sydney likes sitting in the pool with Mom. If Dad comes nearby, she cries because he makes her do things like go in the deep water and other mean stuff.


What’s that? Sydney kept pointing and yelling at the big cruise ship docked in the bay.


We spend lots of time studying and running in and out of the waves.


When we took off Sydney’s diaper she had 1/2 the beach in there. All the playing in this makeshift sandpaper diaper left her a bit red down there. Oh well, gotta rest up for tomorrow!