I Like Music Class

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

Today, I went with Kim and Sydney to their weekly music class. Kim had tried in previous weeks to capture some pictures and video of the class but said it was too hard because there is too much going on. So I went along today to be the official photographer.


Sydney enjoys this class a lot. In a Dad’s opinion, I don’t think this class is as cool as our gymnastics class. I mean here they dance around to corny songs while waving scarves around. Kids seem to like doing this. Whatever. Lots of hand holding and singing. This isn’t hard core metal either. Lots of songs about cookies and rainbows. Ahhhh.


At the end of every kid’s class, the kids always get stickers or stamps. According to the kids, this is the greatest thing ever. A 4-cent sticker. I have a feeling that it won’t stay that way forever.


Watch Sydney dance up a storm…or at least try to!