Dad’s Birthday

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Today is Daddy’s 30th Birthday. Man is he getting old. I think I need to start shopping for those Daddy diapers soon at this rate. Good thing he is still young enough to flip me around for a few laughs. In honor of the big day I am wearing my “I Love Daddy” shirt. I will even throw in a … Read More

Last Day in Paradise

By BrandonAdventures2 Comments

Last day in Mexico, so we decided to take a boat ride out to the beach at the end of land. Lots of big pelicans were flying around so Sydney was pointing them all out to us. We ran into a pocket of sea lions hanging out in the rocks. Sydney was confused why they barked like dogs but were … Read More

Life Is a Beach

By BrandonAdventures1 Comment

Another day at the beach — our 2nd to last. Gotta soak up the sun down here in Cabo. The water is comfortable but not warm. It always takes a few minutes to get Sydney comforable with it. She learned the word cold this week. It is one of her best said words now. Today Sydney discovered that rocks are … Read More

Cabana Baby

By BrandonAdventures4 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving, Amigos! Just another day at the beach here in Cabo. Mom keeps shopping — at the beach. Locals come up to you every minute to sell you something when you are on the public beach. For you Indiana ladies, I think you would really enjoy it…it is like the mall has come to you and everything is a … Read More