I Want to Live in Disneyland

By BrandonAdventures4 Comments

I finished my convention today. So we cruised over to Disneyland for our first theme park with child experience. Upon walking in, you begin to notice that kids are either crying, yelling, running or sleeping. Not a lot of happiness. We went to the back of the park and went into Mickey’s house in which Mickey sits in a back room and you get to have about a minute one on one with the Godfather. We put Sydney down and Mickey approached. She was intrigued by him. He was very gentle so he didn’t scare her at all. It was long enough to capture a great picture!


As we walked out of Mickey’s house, we saw Chip and Dale, then Goofy, then Minnie then others. After a while, it got boring. I don’t remember seeing so many characters when I was at Disney as a kid.


Sydney enjoyed the rides where there was singing and lots of bright characters. A Small World was a big hit of course.


We also went for a wild ride courtesy of Mr. Toad!


We started into the park around 1pm and didn’t get back to the hotel until after 10pm. Not a bad day for a 18 month kid and a pregnant mommy. I think I was the most tired though of the group — after getting up at 7am, doing a convention, and then dragging my child through the happiest place on earth with no tears.