What’s That? What’s That?

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Kim took Sydney to the Aquarium of the Pacific while I was working today. It was only a short stroll along the water from the hotel.


There were large aquariums as you entered. Sydney immediately ran up to them and pointed at every fish and repeated her favorite phrase “What’s that?” — over and over again. A young boy thought she was really asking what type of fish it was so he proceeded to name all the fish that swam by. Kim just sat nearby as this went on for about a half an hour.


They have a bird exhibit at the aquarium. You can buy nectar and the birds will fly around and land on your hand and eat the nectar. I guess it gets a little freaky when a dozen birds come flying by you. Sydney did not like it. When bird would fly by her head, she would scream! One evil bird decided to chase her around and snuck up next to her.


We tried to pet the stingrays when we were in Monterrey but it didn’t happen. Here was much easier and Sydney got to feel them. The rays thought she had food so they started jumping and flapping and she couldn’t figure out what was going on.