Can I Drive?

By BrandonAdventures2 Comments

We went out on another Hummer Happening and drug the Fuller Grandparents along for the ride. Sydney was being passed around the truck at various points — and of course, she took a turn at driving. (We are really moving here.)


We ate lunch at the summit and Sydney enjoyed walking up and down the inclined roads saying “whoa whoa” the whole time.


The Grandparents survived and made it. Carole even took the opportunity to visit Mother Nature. We were so proud.


On the way down, Sydney was getting restless so I got out the secret weapon — the PowerBook and some Blue’s Clues DVDs. All set!


After we finished the trip and made it down to flat ground, Carole had to do some shopping because it had been at least a day since she had seen a store. Sydney was getting tired and decided to throw one of her new fits right on the street.


Everyone will sleep well tonight! Grandparents leave in the morning…I think they had a good time.