Happy Rainy Halloween

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Just when the kids came out, it started to rain. We have the worst weather on Halloween every year. Last year it snowed! Then we didn’t get more snow for months. After being scared by people in masks at previous houses, Sydney resorted to settting down her basket and telling people to just put it in there while she backed … Read More

Boo At The Zoo

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Along with every other parent in the Denver metro area, we took Sydney to the Boo at the Zoo today. Traffic was backed up for a few blocks prior to arriving. This was the place to be — or not to be, depending on how you look at it. Sydney wore her lion costume. Notice the real lion to the … Read More

I Will Poop On You

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Kim was taking a bath with Sydney tonight. I heard Kim scream. Sydney took a dump right in the tub with Kim! Nice big grown up size turd. I think that is Kim’s last bath with Sydney. Then Kim took Sydney to Sydney’s bathtub to finish the bath. Sydney finished pooping in there! Good thing we have a shower.

Under the Weather

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Sydney hasn’t been feeling well so I haven’t been taking any pictures. This past weekend she puked in the car. Later that evening, she pooped in the tub for the first time ever. Not a good week for Sydney!