Go Outside?

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Sydney is starting to learn more and more words. “Hi Dada” is a favorite of her’s and mine. “Up” is also a good one — as in get up after changing her diaper. But now she is starting to learn activity words. Each night I try and walk the dogs. You can’t say walk around a dog without it running the door. But now when I say walk, Sydney runs to the door too. She also runs to the door when we say “Go Outside?”.

So much to do outside. Run up and down the driveway. See other kids. Push the (child’s) lawn mower. And take her puppy for a walk — err, ride.


You know when it is Sydney’s turn for a ride because she stands by her car and yells “more” — I can’t figure out a way to type it like she says it. Anyway, she gets in the car and then I push it as fast as I can run up and down the street. The dogs flank the sides of the car barking like crazy. The car has plastic wheels so you can hear us coming for miles. But louder than the wheels is Sydney’s laughter — not sure if it is the dogs, the speed, or what but it sure is a damn good time.