Hanging With Dad

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Mom isn’t feeling so well so I took Sydney out for the afternoon. First, we stopped for lunch. Syd had a cheese quesadilla — her favorite. Then we went to Walmart and picked up all the household items on our list from Mom. Half way through the store, Sydney got tired and fell asleep on my shoulder. Shopping with one arm free and holding a 20lb baby in the other arm is not easy. We then went to Home Depot and Sydney woke up while I was looking for some bolts. I put her down and turned my back for a second and she had bolts all over the floor. There are all these little drawers of shiny things that are so fun to drop on the floor I guess. After that, we stopped at McDonalds for a snack — a Happy Meal. Um. The toy was a girl on an ATV. How appropriate! Finally, the cell phone rang — it was Mom. “When are you coming back home?”, she asked. 🙂