I Love The Wiggles

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

You all may have noticed the Now Playing section new to Syd’s website in the last couple of months. This keeps tracks of what music Syd is listening to at the moment and updates the website so you can all see what her tastes are. If you have noticed this at all you would have seen that 99% of the music is from The Wiggles.


You see, several months ago we happened to be surfing through the Playhouse Disney channels for cartoons and saw these four Australian guys singing and dancing around to very silly songs. Brandon and I thought it was a little strange to say the least. Four men in their forties dancing and singing for little kids? But, Syd was entranced by them and could not take her eyes off the TV. Before this Syd had absolutely no interest in watching TV at all. Which is fine until you need something to keep her busy for 30 minutes while you cook dinner. We didn’t think too much about them at the moment but caught their show every once in awhile.

Then, two months ago we were walking through Toys R Us and Syd started screaming and pointing. She was pointing to the display of Wiggles toys. She actually recognizes these guys. To keep a long story short, we now LOVE the Wiggles. At breakfast we listen to Wiggles music while we eat. Then we watch the Wiggles on TV. Next, we play with the Wiggles car (that actually sings while it rolls around the house) while we simultaneously have more Wiggles tunes blared on the family room stereo. Then we go to the Wiggles website and play games while eating Wiggles fruit snacks. Finally, we have more Wiggles tunes playing in the car while we drive anywhere.

Mom and Dad no longer think the Wiggles are strange. We love them because they can make Syd dance during even the worst tantrum. Mom and Dad have even been caught singing Fruit Salad, a favorite Wiggles tune, around the house on more then one occasion. To our surprise many of the neighbor kids are also huge Wiggles fans. Who would have known these guys were so popular with the kiddie crowd. Next time you go to a book store, toy store or even Target take notice. There is Wiggles merchandise everywhere.

Check out the video of her dancing to the Wiggles tune, Wags the Dog, on TV.