No Swimming For You

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Today was Sydney’s 2nd swimming class. I decided to be a good Dad and go and watch my child. Swimming and I have a history as you might know.

Well, when we got to the class, it was raining. All the other Moms stayed home. Not us, we were there dammit. Growing up, I used to have to go to swim practice rain or shine. Unless there was lightening spotted, you had to get in the pool. Man, for a bunch of young kids back in the day, we were the best lightening spotters the world had ever seen.

So today no lightening and no classmates. What should we do? My Mom (@!$#$…I mean, bless her heart) used to kick me out of the car and she would drive off while I would chase her down the street — Mommy, come back!

Anyway, I looked down at Sydney in her cute flamingo robe and decided that it was best if we left and stayed dry. Have to get that picture another time.