Fort Fun, Week One

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Well, we are back from our whirwind visit back to Fort Wayne. We had a great time visiting with everyone. Syd loved all the attention she got from everyone and Mom loved all the babysitters. Here are just a few of the many pictures we took. To break things up this first entry is of the first week.

We spent the first few days with Grandpa and Grandma Coburn. Mommy must have been overly relaxed with having babysitters that she didn’t take any pictures with either of them. She was very upset about this once she figured it out. She did however get photos of my favorite activity. I would climb up this huge fireplace, everyone would count to three, then I would jump off! This kept me entertained for hours. I also learned to cough like Grandma and even covered my mouth with my hand. Something I still do for attention. We only made it to the Cracker Barrel once since I slept in so late. They even babysat me with Aunt Jamie while Mommy went to her first movie in a long time.


On Saturday we all went to the cottage on Lake Wawasee. Here I am running up and down the pier. Mommy was afraid I would try to jump off, but I was too scared for that.


One of my favorite parts of being at the Lake was that you could run around buck naked and nobody cared if I watered the lawn. Here Aunt Natalee is chasing me around because I was getting more and more interested in jumping into the water.


Since the lake was so cold Mimi decided to get a pool out for me and Christian to play in. Uncle Dave filled the pool up for us with warm water. He thought it was funny to pour it on Christian’s head. I have to admit it was great payback for the earlier tackle Christian gave me.


Mommy decided I was too young for a jet ski ride, but Aunt Natalee let me sit on one just for fun.


After a quick ride in the lake water on my floatie I decided to warm up with Mimi on the swing.


Grandpa and Christian played baseball during the afternoon. Not something I had any interest in joining.


Grandma Fullers’ friend Betty also made it up to the Lake. I think she enjoyed chasing me around as well.


On Sunday it was time to move on over to Grandpa and Grandma Hakes’ house. The Coburns’ were headed off to Florida for a whole month, we were a bit jealous. I really missed hanging out with them a lot. It took me an hour or so to warm up to anyone else and I was a little crabby. But, after a little warming up I thought these new grandparents were pretty cool too. Grandma Hakes wore me out so much that I just crashed on her floor while reading a book.


On Monday Christian came over to play while his Mommy was at the spa. We had a great time playing and even shared this bench.


Tuesday we headed over to Grandma Fullers’ work to pick her up for a day at the Botanical Gardens. To my surprise a little girl was there to play with. I just stared at her but she was excited to meet me.


Here we are in the rain forest room of the Gardens. I thought this waterfall was awesome.


Next, we moved on to the desert room where there were lots of plants that weren’t too fun to touch. Mommy loves this picture of me on top of this rock.


After the Gardens we headed over to a yarn store where Grandma Fuller let me pick out my next sweater material. There were lots of fun things to pull on. Later that evening Grandma Hakes picked us up and we headed off to yet another party for my cousin Jessie’s sixth birthday. My Uncle Jim was really cool and kept me entertained the whole evening.

2004-06-29--Hakes Boys.jpg

And as if that wasn’t enough for one day, I had to help the Governor (aka Grandpa Hakes) out with his duties as County Assessor. It was tax time so he needed all the help he could get.


On Wednesday, we then headed off to the Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo with Grandma Hakes, Fuller, Aunt Steph and cousin Christian. Here we all are in the African Veldt where we walked around the animals on a cool suspension bridge.


Here Christian and I liked running down this ramp at the end of the bridge.


Then, instead of walking back out of Africa on the bridge we all got to ride back in these awesome safari jeeps.


Here I am driving us through all the dangerous animals. Grandma was very thankful for my great driving skills.


The day began to get pretty hot so Mommy let Christian and me cool off in the fountain in the Australian section. Mommy tried to get photos of Christian in the water but he was too crazy. This one spout was just the perfect height for me.


Next we moved onto Christian’s favorite ride, the train. The train took us around a pond where we saw lots of ducks and turtles. There was also a dark tunnel that made everyone scream as we went through. I was a little nervous about this but didn’t cry. Then as we were headed back the trains’ horn made a loud whistle which made Christian jump a foot into the air, kinda startled me as well.


Lastly, we headed over to the petting zoo. Here I am getting chummy with one of the goats. I had really been missing Ti-Ti so this was a great activity. Mommy later bought bottles to feed to the goats which really got me mad. Why did they get bottles but I didn’t?

Grandma and Grandpa Fuller babysat me later that evening so Mommy could go out again. Why she was so excited to drop me off I will never understand.


Wow, that was a busy first week. But, we sure had fun.