Fort Fun, Week Two

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Week two was just as busy and fun as week one in Fort Wayne. We both really enjoyed being around family more, but not enough to move back to Indiana ever. Guess we will have to keep working on them to move out West.

On July 1st we met up with Mommy’s friend from grade school, Lori. Her Mom even came along which was great. Mommy said she spent many many days and nights at the Bernardin house growing up. She said she is still afraid of being confined from the time KJ pinned her and Lori in their sleeping bags.


Lori’s daughter Emma loved kissing as much as Syd did. We couldn’t keep them apart.


After lunch we headed over to Aunt Steph’s to spend the day. Christian’s cousin Conner was over playing. At one point we all sat together under a blanket and watched cartoons.


Since it was too hot to go for a walk Aunt Steph set up a sprinkler for us to run around in. The boys were being a little too rough for me so I decided to go throw a little tantrum and sit on the stairs. That’ll teach them!


Next Grandma Hakes came over and we headed over to meet her best friends Dave and Sue. Mommy has known them since she was a baby. I was not so sure about Dave’s beard at first so I would not give him any kisses. I would sneak up on him in his chair and run if he caught me. After awhile I warmed up to even Dave.


Friday we met up with Uncle Tom and Aunt Susan for lunch. Uncle Tom has been feeling really bad lately so he was not able to visit much. Luckily, we worked in a little time.


After lunch we packed up and headed up for a weekend at the lake. Mommy filled my pocket bib up with hot dogs and strawberries to keep me busy for the drive. She even stopped half way to get me some McDonalds french fries, Yummy!

Later that night we went out to the end of the pier to watch the Floatilla go by. There were all sorts of boats decorated in lights. You should be able to see one in the background. I waved to everyone that passed by.


That night Mommy told me there would be a great surprise for me when I woke up and boy was she right. I stood up in my crib at morning and started screaming and pointing because Daddy was there. We had a great deal of catching up to do so we hung out on the pier.


Uncle Dave then decided it was time to take Christian out on the jet ski. Boy, did Christian love that. They rode all over the bay then Christian would cry when he had to get off.


Daddy would not be outdone. He said if Christian could go then Syd could go. Remember, Mommy said it was not allowed last weekend. She finally relented and agreed only if I wore my brick butt bathing suit. So off we went. Daddy and I had a blast. Daddy said he would look down and see me screaming with excitement as the boats went by, pointing to all of them.


Here is an action shot for all of you.


Afterwards, I decided to chillout a little and just float around with Mommy for a bit.


Aunt Steph was cool enough to venture the cold water to push Christian and I around in a boat.


Since I had tackled many great feats this weekend I decided to try the great stump. Needless to say this too was conquered within a few tries.


The brave Christian conquered the hot lava rock. He had been eyeing these for hours and just had to go for it.


Here I am with Uncle Dave doing the claw.


Uncle Ben, right, and his best friend Ben from grade school also made it up. They would go to the sandbar to look for chicks. No luck, sorry to say.


Cousin Eddie brought his long time girlfriend Jackie up as well.


I had a good time with Grandma Fuller at the lake. She kept me busy with bubbles, balloons…one popped as I bit it, and play at the table and chairs.


Later that night I decided to relax in this chair inside the cottage. There was just something special about this chair.


Check out the video.

That night the lake also had its fireworks display for the 4th. We sat out on the end of the pier for the show. Check out the video of me watching my first fireworks.

On the 4th we woke up to spend the day at the lake but the weather was not cooperating with us. So we decided to go over to the Jungbauers for a quick hello. We then went back up to Fort Wayne to watch yet another fireworks show there. We sat on a blanket for the show, but I was much more interested in running up and down the hill then watching the fireworks. It was a great way to get Daddy his daily exercise needs.

On Monday we went back to Grandma Hakes’ for a barbeque. It was so nice outside that Grandma let Christian and I run around her front yard. At one point Mommy had to take my dress off because I had dirtied it up. Christian thought it was a great idea and stripped down as well. We played chase and threw rocks at Daddy’s rental car. 🙂


Time to head back home. We will see you all at Christmas.