Crappy Stroller Brakes

By BrandonAdventures3 Comments

We took Sydney to visit San Francisco today. We parked at our old reliable lot and walked out along the water to get a view of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz. It was really windy but otherwise a nice day. Sydney walked along the maritime pier and chased the birds before trying to touch every white bird poop spot she saw on the ground.


Its too easy to take great pictures in San Francisco. Here we basically turned around after the last shot to catch the Golden Gate.


Then we met up with Sem for a little ice cream snack at Ghirardelli. After that, we headed down to Pier 39 to see the sea lions. They weren’t that active so Sydney wasn’t too interested. If they do not move, they aren’t cool. She did spend some time imitating the bark of the sea lions.


After all that siteseeing, we were all getting tired. For dinner, we met up with Tim Park, our long time friend. Tim lives right in the middle of San Francisco now. We picked him up and found a parking spot nearby. The street happened to be one of those classic steeply inclined San Francisco streets. We all got out of the car. I got the stroller out and unfolded it. Kim put Sydney in it. I had to get out a wipe for Sydney’s face. Kim had to get her glasses out of the car. “Whoa!”, said Tim. Kim and I turned around and we saw Tim running after the stroller as it headed downhill — with Sydney inside of it. Now it wasn’t like the stroller was up to 30 MPH yet. Tim recalled the moment for us. He said to himself, “Is this happening?”. Yep. Dad had put the brakes on the stroller but they aren’t “San Francisco-level” brakes. Mom thought Dad had the stroller. Dad thought Mom had it. Tim, the guy with no kids, saves the day and probably thinks these two parents are crazy.

Upon arriving back at the hotel after sleeping the whole way back, Sydney was ready to party again!