My First Birthday Party

By BrandonMilestones5 Comments

Yes, Sydney’s Birthday was nearly a month ago. But kids were in school, the weather wasn’t perfect, people were out of town, etc, etc. So we had Sydney’s First Birthday Party today!

The party started at noon and the neighbor kids started flowing in — quickly. They were all grabbing and hugging Sydney. After a few minutes, I walked by and Sydney reached up for me with a look that said “Get me out of here!”.


I was on the grill so the party was a big blur for me. The first chance I had to relax was when the cake came out.


The bakery provided the personal 1st Birthday cake for the birthday girl. She dug in and munched for about 5 minutes before things got bad. We think the ice cream melting down in her pants was the issue.


Kim had a pinata for the kids after we ate. Note to self: Very small kids and a broomstick equal an unsuccessful pinata. I ended up softening it up and the next kid up cracked it open. The dogs were down under the deck when this occurred and the candy started falling from the sky on them. Oops.


Time for presents. We asked that no one bring any because we already have too much crap. Nobody listened. 🙂 Sydney is 1/2 naked because her clothes have cake all over them. Here is Julia helping Sydney open some gifts. Sydney also got a lawn mower so when Grandpa Herbie comes back to visit, she is ready to help with the yard!


Syd’s man, CJ, came up for the party. We stuck him on the train!


When the party was over, Sydney took a long nap and then was ready to party again. Where did everyone go?


About an hour after the party, our electricity went out. Good thing it was after the party. Grandma Fuller called and we had to tell her about all the fun we had.


Don’t miss next year’s party! We will probably have clowns, a petting zoo, hot air balloons and some other “best birthday party ever” attraction. 😉