How I Spent My Birthday

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Wow! Sydney received a great batch of presents. She is so lucky. As you may know, Dad is responsible for most of the accidents with Sydney — like shutting her hand in the door, letting her fall on her head, etc. Hey, no emergency room trips yet and the kid is only getting braver! So Mom made me pick up a little safety device for Sydney’s birthday.


And boy did that come in handy because Sydney received a cool train from the Hakes for her birthday. It moves pretty quick so the helmet might come into play someday.


Watch the video of Sydney piloting the train around the grueling course.

What’s a birthday without cake? Well, since Dad is dieting and Sydney isn’t big on sweet things yet, we decided to go the economical cupcake route. Here is the birthday girl with her cake and candle. I shoved the cupcake into her face a little later and made her cry. I destroyed those pictures so you can’t call anyone on me.