One Day Until B-Day

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Today Syd received some more great gifts for her birthday. She is really starting to like all these boxes in the mail.

Here we have a picture of the present from Aunt Natalee. Again, I assumed you were to read the three little piggy book while acting out the story with the game seen here.


And again, I was corrected by Syd in what you are to truly do with this gift. Apparently, the brick house is really a purse that you can use to carry the three pigs around the house.


Here is Syd showing me how you are to act at the bus stop.


Syd also received a card in the mail from Grandma & Grandpa Coburn this afternoon. Inside was a gift certificate to Toys R Us. This is the gift with endless possibilities. Imagine, its like being a kid in a toy store, and you can pick out whatever you desire. Can’t wait to see what Syd picks out.


Syd would like to say Tah-Tu for all these great B-Day gifts. For all of you who do not speak Syd, that’s thank you.