Shower Me With Gifts

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Today, birthday gifts started to arrive for Miss Sydney. Sydney could not wait until Saturday to open them so here are a few pics of her new loot.

Here is the Sand and Water Table from Grandpa & Grandma Fuller. I of course assumed that you were to put the legs on the table, fill with sand and water, and stand next to it to play. Here is Sydney showing me that you are supposed to sit in it instead. Silly Mommy.


After sitting in the table you then climb in and out over and over again. You see, everything with Sydney eventually becomes a great obstacle that must be conquered.


She also received a card from Aunt Sara. Here she is trying to read the card after Mommy handed it off to her.


Silly Mommy, you read it upside down. This way is much more fun.


Inside the card, Syd found some money from Aunt Sara. She was told to buy some strawberrries and bananas or some shoes. This made her very happy.


Ca-ching!!! Money is cool.