Having a Ball

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After a somewhat lukewarm start, the girls finally hit it off a bit better today. AJaye and Sydney shared some quality time in ball pit. The ball pit was a gift from Great Grandma Mimi Fuller — so thanks to her for another great birthday gift. This scene is called “chill out”. This command was given and the girls and … Read More

AJaye, Sid Vicious and the Zoo

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The Burkes are in town visiting and this time they brought their daughter, AJaye. AJaye hasn’t been quite sure about Sydney since she arrived at our house. “Why is this little person following me around everywhere?” Sydney remains enthralled by any older kids. Eric began calling Sydney Sid Vicious as the weekend went on. Vicious? Proof of that here when … Read More

Of Course SpongeBob Will Win

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Today, is the Cola-Cola 600. For that small group of you that does not follow NASCAR because you haven’t seen the light yet, this is the longest NASCAR race of the season. So Sydney and Mom are cheering for the same driver. Today, they both came down dressed in their official team gear. Mom has her official driver’s cap on … Read More

Rocky Mountain National Park

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Today we took the Burkes to Rocky Mountain National Park for a quick visit. I was showing AJaye the map of the park. I had to point out Long’s Peak and the fact that I climbed it. AJaye noted to me that it didn’t look that big on the map. Grrr. 🙂 The weather wasn’t the greatest up in the … Read More

My First Egg

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Instead of just bananas every morning, Sydney is trying to expand her menu. She is also attempting to be a clean eater by using a fork. Currently, the fork serves as a mashing tool of sorts when its not a drum stick.