Quiet Time

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Ah, Dad is back at home. Mom and Syd are still in Florida. Sydney decided that she wasn’t going to sleep in her crib in Florida. She would scream for an hour straight until we put her in bed with us. 3 nights of that was plenty for me. Maybe we will get lucky and see a blog post from … Read More


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Every parent does this to their children. They take pictures of the kid in the bathtub with someone you are related to. Then later in life, the kids themselves become grossed out as everyone is browsing the pictures. So I figure you have to do it to your children to keep the tradition alive. Even better — now we get … Read More

This is the Life

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According to Sydney…another day at the beach! Dad took Sydney out into the Gulf today. She laughed everytime a wave came in. Anyone going to a beach can be sure that Sydney is willing to go! A while later, we ran into some familiar faces that were said to be world-class skimboarders. Christian likes the beach too. He walked Dave … Read More

My First Spring Break

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We made it! We arrived in Tampa last night after midnight. Going from Denver’s recent 9% humidity to 50% here in Florida is a huge difference. Unfortunately, today was a bit colder than average. All the locals are in sweatshirts but we thought it was still doable. We headed out to the fine sand beach for some sun. We are … Read More