From Sand to Snow

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

Sydney (and Mom) arrived back home tonight. We received about a foot of snow last night so I think it was a bit of a weather shock for them. We haven’t had nearly enough moisture here this winter so it was welcome. I finally got my camera back tonight and found these pictures on it. Since I wasn’t there with them for these shots, I guess I will have to add my own commentary.

Here is everyone at the Coburn Kitchen, the Cracker Barrel. This place is only 20 miles up the highway from home but that doesn’t stop this crew!


Grandma Mary and Sydney had lots of fun together. They would go out everyday and “touch the leaves”.


Aunt Stephanee pushed Sydney around the pool.


Grandpa decided to get wet and enjoy the pool with Sydney.


Open wider!


Sydney, Mom and Dad had a great time visiting the Coburns down South. We may have to make this a tradition!