My First Spring Break

By BrandonVisits1 Comment

We made it! We arrived in Tampa last night after midnight. Going from Denver’s recent 9% humidity to 50% here in Florida is a huge difference. Unfortunately, today was a bit colder than average. All the locals are in sweatshirts but we thought it was still doable. We headed out to the fine sand beach for some sun.


We are in Siesta Key, which is an island on the coast of Sarasota. All the spring breakers are down here. Sydney couldn’t be left out. She showed off her new walking skills to all the men checking her out in her new brick butt swimsuit.


We took a walk down the beach. It was getting windy so Sara grabbed Sydney and they bundled up. A bit into the walk, Sydney discovered that Sara’s bikini is removable.


Finally, we went into the pool. Grandma got Sydney this new foam brick suit so she wouldn’t drown in the pool. Unfortunately, what happens when you let go of her is that her body wants to level so she goes head first into the water. Need to get the swimming under control first.


A full week of fun in the sun ahead for Sydney!